Brow Services


Microblading is process that creates hairlike strokes with a manual tool. The disposable hand held tool is a small blade made up of very fine microneedles. These microneedles are etched into the superficial layers of your skin to create these faux hairlike strokes, giving the illusion of a thicker and fuller set of natural eyebrows. A seperate set of shadding needles can be used to add depth and shadow beneath the strokes to fill in sparse areas and give the effect of a soft powdery finish.

This technique is not suitable for everyone.

Ombre/Powder Brow

This method uses a tattoo machine or pen to create a soft powdery makeup look, rather than strokes. The pigment is implanted throughout or can be softened near the head and arch (ombre). Unlike traditional tattooing, permanent makeup is implanted superficial and will eventually fade over time.
This technique is suitable for most, especially oily skin.

Nano Brows

Hairstrokes and shading done by machine. This is for those that would like to keep it natural and yet dark enough with makeup. With this technique there is less trauma to the skin, more precise healed strokes, better ink retention, consistant color, lasting twice as long as microblading AND suitable for all skins including oily.
This is also a great choice for cover ups.
This technique is the best of all worlds!

Nano Brows

Nano strokes are hairstrokes (like Microblading) done by a tattoo machine. While these strokes are more stiff and less curvy, they last longer, it remains truer to color, and it is less abrasive on your skin.
Traditional microblading will usually heal a little blurry, a little patchy throughout the stroke, fade fast, and cause scarring if done to deep or if a thick blade was used.
I have been finding that Nano strokes heal much better than Microblading and requires less touch ups to get clients to their goals.

Brow Touch Up

Permanent Makeup is technically semi-permanent as the color implanted will surface and fade overt time. Some clients fade faster depending on their pre/after care, healing and environmental factors.
It is recommended to have a touch up done annually or as needed to keep the permanent makeup looking fresh and beautiful!
Also known as a touch up, Color Boost appointments are focused to re implant pigment into the eyebrow and boost the color darker and truer to brown.

Correction Brows

Correction appointments are for Clients with previous permanent makeup not done by me and are wanting to change their shape or color.
This is a two appointment process at minimum: 1) Neutralize color 2) Lay over preferred color and reshape as needed.
If you prefer to lighten the color, thin out the previous work, move the placement of the brow, or remove mistakes, please refer to tattoo removal *not included in Correction Brow appointments.

Emergency Removal

If you experienced a permanent makeup procedure that went wrong, does not look good, or just regret having it done, please contact me as soon as possible for an emergency tattoo removal.
This service must be done within the first 48 hours of having your tattoo or permanent makeup procedure. It is RECOMMENDED within the first 24 hours for the best outcome.
If the eyebrow is lightened enough then a Correction Brow appointment will be recommended.
If you are wanting complete removal, more tattoo removal sessions may be needed.

Tattoo Removal

Saline tattoo removal is a method of removing deposited pigment from the skin by implanting an effective saline solution to bind to the pigment molecules and draw them to the surface, and eventually, out of the skin.
This is a process, requiring atleast 3-6 sessions to remove the old tattoo altogether. Each appointment will lighten and drastically fade the old pigment until the client's results are achieved.


How do cosmetic tattoos differ from a “regular” tattoo?

Cosmetic tattooing is meant to be a natural-looking enhancement of the facial features, rather than creating distinct artwork on the body. The goal is typically to create the appearance of something you would expect to be there already such as hair, makeup, freckles, beauty marks etc. The pigments used for cosmetic tattoos differ in that they are meant to fade over time. This allows changes to be made to the tattoo, for example, the color and shape may be adjusted over the years as your preferences and features change. The pigments we use are iron-oxide based, vegan and cruelty-free.

Can anyone be eligible for permanent makeup?

No. For your health and safety there are specific rules for eligibility. You will need to complete a screening to see if you are a good candidate for our brow services.

How much does it cost?

Please visit our service menu for pricing. Prices will vary and increase at any moment. I will post promotions via my Instagram page. But you are welcome to reach out to me directly to get updated promotions.

Does it hurt?

Effective, topical anesthetics are used for numbing before and during the procedure. Pain threshold levels vary from person to person and some individuals may even have a resistance to anesthetics making them not as effective. Every effort is made to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible for the entire process. Ideally you should feel little to no pain, only pressure. Preparing for your tattoo in advance really does make a significant difference in how much pain and swelling you may experience. Make sure that you are well rested, sober, hydrated, and have had something to eat prior to your appointment. For most clients, redness and swelling is minimal.

What will my first appointment be like?

All of our clients will first fill out consent and release forms. A copy of the client’s government issued photo I.D. will be made (per county regulations) and any “before” photos will be taken. We spend a significant amount of time mapping out the perfect set of brows for each client. Shape, proportion, balance and ideal pigment color are all carefully selected and addressed. Please feel free to bring any photos of brows that make you swoon! This will help your artist understand the size, style, arch, etc. that you wish to achieve. Numbing follows mapping and usually takes approximately 30 min. Appointment times usually vary between 3-4 hours. Aftercare will be discussed in detail!

How long will my cosmetic tattoo last?

Cosmetic tattoos are permanent in that they will not wash off. However, they will fade over time and will likely need to be refreshed on a regular basis to maintain their appearance. Frequency of touch-ups depends on a number of factors including the pigment color used (lighter, warmer colors fade faster), your lifestyle (sun exposure), iron deficiency (your body absorbs iron-oxide as a supplement), and if any aggressive chemical or laser treatments come into contact with the tattoo. Everybody will be different and it will largely come down to the individual. A perfecting session will follow your initial session about 8-12 weeks later. After your perfecting session an annual color boost is recommended 12-18 months after your last session to keep your brows looking crisp and beautiful.

How will I look immediately after? What is the healing process?

Initial redness and swelling are normal and will subside over the next few hours. Your skin may be tender for the next day or so. The healing process is similar to a small tattoo, scrape or sunburn. Your brows will appear slightly darker, sharper and larger than expected for the first few days. They may feel dry, tight and/or itchy as a light scab forms and flakes off to reveal a new layer of skin underneath. This process is the superficial healing stage and usually takes 7-14 days. They may then appear lighter immediately after this stage. The color will then settle in over the next few weeks after the skin has completely healed. Brows will usually take 4-8 weeks to completely heal, although this varies from individuals. Small gaps and uneven areas are common after one session and precisely the reason why a perfecting session is included. It is extremely important to follow your aftercare instructions for optimal results!