Selling all retail Dermalogica products for pick up at Ink and Aesthetics within 1-2 turnaround days and NO SHIPPING FEE. For a list of Dermalogica products available and pricing, please see Dermalogica's website (some products will not be available, check with us).

Client Responsibilities

It is the client's responsibility to adhere to all policies and procedural instructions. Clients are 18 years an older and, therefore, are considered adults with the capacity to make informed decisions.

  • As we are expected to remain professional, positive, and have a wonderful attitude, so should our clientele. Anyone interrupting the treatment, being rude, making our jobs difficult, etc., will be asked to leave immediately!

  • No refunds will be given.

  • Arrive on time to appointments. If you are new to the office please come sooner to complete a consult, pre-numb, complete paperwork, for lash baths etc. If prepping is needed, this will be deducted from the allotted time.

  • If you have questions or concerns, please ask them BEFORE the day of your appointment to avoid unnecessary appointment time wasted.

  • Appointments MUST stay within their allotted time slots. Late appointments will be cancelled as this would not be fair for clients on the schedule.

  • No call no shows will be cancelled and will be placed on waitlist only until they have proven to be good clients.

  • Just as you choose your specialist, we too choose our clients. šŸ„°


We are trying to transition all papered items into electronic copies to save our trees and reduce pollution. If you would like a printed copy of policies, consents, pre-care, after care, please request in advance so that we may have them prepared for you.

Payments and Deposits

A 20% deposit will be collected for all services. Cash payments are encouraged to avoid additional processing fees. Cash payments will also be gifted discounted services for future use.